Happy Solar Eclipse Day!! Were you guys able to see it? I was able to be in its path of totality, but unfortunately, it was a bit too cloudy. The weather has been bright and sunny the last few days so I was hopeful. In reality, it was a gloomy day. I was able to see the eclipse for a minute or two, but never ended up seeing it in its totality. I hope you had better luck than I did! I felt badly for the people who had traveled hundreds of miles and spent a lot of money to stay in overpriced hotels only to see the total eclipse shrouded by clouds.

In other news, Labor Day is coming up! So, I wanted to share my packing list for the last official weekend of the summer. I can’t believe it’s almost gone!

My stash of cardigans, sweaters and boots is ready to go!

1. | 2. | 3. & 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. | 8. | 9. | 10. | 11. | 12. | 13. | 14. | 15.

Let me know if you guys are going anywhere fun for the Labor Day weekend! You’ll notice that for once, I’m making use of white clothing. I typically shy away from wearing light colors because there’s always a 90% chance I’ll either spill or get dirt on it. 

Case in point: my light purple Adidas tee I purchased last month. During both times I’ve worn it in the last couple of weeks, I’ve ended up getting something disastrous on it. The first time, I cut myself and ended up getting blood (ugh, gross) on it. The second time, I was cleaning dishes and some type of dirt was transferred onto the bottom of it as I was leaning over my kitchen sink. That’s the thanks I get for actually doing my dishes in a timely fashion. Luckily, I was able to get problem #1 off, but problem #2 was never completely erased. I’m so disappointed!

So, I’m taking a chance during Labor Day weekend and making the most out of the last weekend it’s acceptable to wear white. Cross your fingers for me! I hope my packing list inspires yours for the weekend ahead!