Hi, guys! First off, I want to apologize for being a bit absent on social media over the last week or two. I’ve been keeping a close watch on Hurricane Irma since it was first spotted and I quickly became anxious about how it could affect my family and friends.

If you follow the blog on Instagram, then you know I briefly flew to my hometown last week. I was born in North Carolina, but I lived all but 1 year of my childhood in the same town on the west coast of Florida. My parents recently sold our house so I needed to pick up my last few things before the vacate date.

As if that wasn’t emotional enough, I was concerned about what Irma could do to my hometown.

I also have several family members who live along the east coast of Florida (my fam clearly loves the state) so hurricane season can be doubly frightening when both you and loved ones could be in the path of a storm.

My heart goes out to those in Houston and other areas of Texas and Louisiana impacted by Hurricane Harvey. I can’t even imagine the difficulty you’re going through right now.

After watching what Hurricane Harvey caused, it’s safe to say I became a little obsessed over Irma. It got to the point where I was up until 2 AM tracking it’s progress and hoping it would weaken.

As I mentioned in my Instagram post last week, I’ve experienced a fair share of hurricane scares living in Florida. Luckily, over the 20-something years my parents have lived in the state, we only needed to seriously consider evacuating once. It was also the only time I remember school being cancelled due to a hurricane. When that occurred, we were going to drive inland to Orlando. At the last minute, the hurricane took a slight turn and ended up hitting Orlando worse than it hit us so we stayed put. We we’re truly lucky.

However, I know exactly what it’s like to watch a menacing storm target your house. There’s absolutely nothing you can do but evacuate and hope the hurricane somehow weakens before it gets to you.

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As beautiful of a state as Florida is, it definitely comes with its pitfalls (hurricane season and crazy drivers being 2 of them). It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see people’s hard-earned homes and lives be destroyed in minutes. It’s equally tragic to see pets and wildlife become stranded or abandoned because of it.

So, my heart goes out to everyone who was hit by Hurricane Irma! I was glad to see it weakened more quickly than was initially anticipated, but that still doesn’t help too much.

These storms remind us that there are selfless people out there who will come to the aid of their fellow humans and animals when things go south. To see and hear about all of the first responders who risked their own lives to rescue anyone who was affected by the storms is so inspiring. I wish I could have been there to do the same! I was also blown away by all of the funds that were raised in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Even if they couldn’t be there in person to help save someone from a flood, people donated money to ensure survivors and rescue groups had enough supplies and could try to rebuild their lives. 

Since it’s 9/11, I also want to send my love to those who lost people in the horrific terrorist attacks 16 years ago. Each day without them can’t be easy, but particularly this one.

Sometimes, this world can be a dark place and people like those first responders and donors (whether it’s a terrorist attack or a hurricane) are reminders of what can happen when we band together and think about one another. I know that’s so cheesy, but I believe that everything happens for a reason.

Sorry for the sadder post today, but I hope everyone has stayed safe!! Tuck and I are thinking about all of you!